Non-standard Customized Foam Spare Parts of Vacuum Gripper in Different Size or Specification

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: AMILA
Model Number: Foam Spare parts
Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiatable
Price: Negotiatable
Packaging Details: Carton package/Wooden cases
Delivery Time: Depending on the order quantity
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: Negotiatable
Detail Information
Diameter: Non-standard Customized Material: EPDM
Length: Non-standard Customized Thickness: 10mm/20mm/30mm Or Non-standard Customized
Highlight: Good Quality & Preferential Price

Product Description

Non-standard Customized Foam Spare Parts of Vacuum Gripper in Different Size or Specification




    The foam grippers are widely used in vacuum gripping applications, such as robot palletizing and destacking; material handling; marble, ceramic tiles, ceramic products, building materials, packaging bags, stone, wood, cardboard boxes, metal plates... almost large Most areas where vacuum gripping can be applied can be gripped in this way.So the foam material must have high toughness and wear resistance. The main materials that are used for vacuum grasping are generally black , orange , and blue on the market,the black models are used more often. We have 4 types: Without filter / With filter (F) / Without trace & filter (H)/ With filter but without trace (FH) , and the standard rows of holes  such as 3R18 (3 rows ) and 5R18 (5 rows ), which can also be customized according to customer requirements;

  • Standard sponges have been equipped with adhesive films that can be quickly replaced;
  • Good optimization and adjustment ability;
  • There will be no residue on the aluminum plate when replacing the sponge, so there is no need to clean it;
  • Applicable to workpieces with a width of 20mm or more;
  • You can choose whether to add a filter or not. If you add a filter, the service life of the sponge will be longer.
Model length [mm] Number of suction holes Thickness of sponge Seal Element
M-PL 258 3R18 (3 rows) / 5R18 (5 rows) 10mm /20mm /30mm / The thickness can be customized No filter / With filter (F) / No filter & trace (H) / With filter but without trace (FH)


2.Select suggestions
      Most of the occasions where sponge suckers are used are relatively arduous work occasions. The wear and replacement of sponge pieces is a more difficult problem. The application of materials is very important. Materials with different hardnesses are made of sponges with different hardnesses.

  • (1). Black sponge pieces are selected as the sealing material for carton grabbing, plastic parts, and wood board grabbing occasions. In such occasions, the material is relatively soft, and it is not easy to cause destructive tearing of the sponge.
  • (2). If it is bricks and stones, the surface of this kind of product is rough and uneven, and the friction is relatively large,use orange and blue special sponge that more suitable, because the wear resistance and service life of the product are inevitable factors related to the cost of the entire vacuum gripper. 


3.Highlights---Good quality & Preferential price

    To choose a vacuum gripper as a vacuum fixture, you need to start with the design and structure of the gripper. And choosing a suitable sponge material is the first and important step . our company have rich experience to help customers solve various problems with Preferential Price.

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