Amila Automation Technology Suzhou Co.,Ltd.

Amila Automation Technology Suzhou Co.,Ltd. Amila Automation Technology Suzhou Co.,Ltd. Amila Automation Technology Suzhou Co.,Ltd.
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Business Type: Manufacturer
Main Market: Worldwide
Brands: AMILA
No. of Employees: 30~40
Year Established: 2014
Export p.c: 30% - 40%
About Us

      AMILA focuses on the research and development of vacuum grabbing products and provides intelligent solutions for automation. With the progress of intelligent manufacturing and robotics, AMILA is keeping an eye on subdivision and market. The mission of AMILA is to provide convenient, high performance, green products and give life to robots for intelligent mobile solutions.


     Our company was established in 2014 and has been focusing on the research and development of intelligent automatic vacuum products, it's a new and dynamic company with rapid development.


      Amila,as a manufactuer,we'll stand in customers’ situation to grasp the quality to guarantee total customers'satisfaction.we have professional engineers with advanced modern production equipment to accompany you in every stage to control the quality from the planning and design to the installation and commissioning of your vacuum system.You,as our customers,can gain genuine competitive advantages from our expertise as a system suppliers and our many years of experience in manufacture of components. And even after this,we offer many different services to attain deep trust and recognition from you.

  • Quotation service;
  • Application advice;
  • Customizable service;
  • Transportation services;
  • After-sales service.


Our Team

     Our company has its own factory and warehouse with nearly 40 people, including marketing department, sales department,design department and production department, who are all excellent technicians and design teams.

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